Do we share any information with any 3rd parties?

No, we keep everything confidential and make everything secure. We use SSL or a security certificate to protect our website. Our team and services used to host this website is all secure. Even our shopping website ( is using Secure certificates and is encrypted so no one can access your information except you. The one exception being PayPal, they control their side of card security. But we still implement security in top of their already implemented protocols. We have your information secured so that no one can steal information or have any problems with theft or other common online casualties.

How secure is your website?

Our website uses top notch security implemented from us, our hosting, and other services found in the shopping website. If you see in your browser, you should see a lock that is closed, that means that this website or any of our other websites have secure protocols making sure no one accesses your information or computer or any other tech related device.

What happens if security is exposed?

If the security were to be exposed, which with countless years of not having this happen, we would immediately start our protocols to make sure all information is secure or erased. Which enables you to have no information exposed to outside sources. We have everything ready for any situation.